Olympia in Wehr exists 30 years! To celebrate this we have a new house style,
a new menu and rebuilt to a unique Greek style.
With us you are always at the right place for good food!
Come along for the fun, food or Greek drinks.


Olympia goes back many years. Meanwhile, we have been around for 37 years .
Generation after generation has always continued this restaurant with the necessary changes that this has brought.

We hope to continue developing this restaurant with just as much passion and love in the coming years and welcome everyone to Olympia. a little piece of Greece in Selfkant.


We want to put Modern Greek cuisine on the map ano 2023. Whereas in the past it was often thought that Greek food consisted mainly of a lot of meat, we would like to show the beautiful and more refined cuisine.

Meze dishes which actually means small Tapas dishes that are spread all over the table and everyone can eat of them is our passion. Greek cuisine is so extensive and sophisticated that we want everyone to discover the flavors that Greek cuisine has to offer.

Of course the well-seasoned cuts of meat are still made with just as much passion and love by our chefs in the kitchen and we still serve this with love every day as well.